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The final Public Environment Report for Gawara Baya (Upper Burdekin Wind Farm) is now available.

Gawara Baya (formerly known as Upper Burdekin Wind Farm) (EPBC Act Referral 2021/9066) is a proposed renewable energy project located on Gugu Badhun country, south-west of Ingham, Queensland.

The proposed project will generate approximately 400 megawatts of renewable energy from up to 69 wind turbine generators. The project also comprises associated ancillary infrastructure including access tracks, laydowns, electrical reticulation, collector sub-stations, concrete batching plants and construction offices.

The proponent, Upper Burdekin Wind Farm Pty Ltd, has undertaken detailed ecological studies and has produced a draft Public Environment Report which assessed potential impacts from the proposed project on Matters of National Environmental Significance that are protected under Part 3 of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), including: World Heritage properties (sections 12 & 15A), National Heritage places (sections 15B & 15C), Listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 and 18A) and Listed migratory species (sections 20 & 20A).

This draft Public Environmental Report was made available for public comment from 20 February 2023 to 5pm on 3 April 2023. Comments received, including comments received outside the public comment period, have been considered, noted and responded to within an updated, Final Public Environment Report.

As required under section 99(4) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) the Proponent has made the Final Public Environment Report available to the public until 16 October 2023. The report can be viewed online here or in hardcopy from the State Library of Queensland at the Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Bank Brisbane, the Hinchinbrook Shire Library (Ingham) or the Charters Towers Excelsior Library. Persons with special needs (for whom English is a second language, or who has a vision impairment) may contact Rebecca McLellan 0431 162 259 for assistance in accessing the material.

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The Final Public Environment Report for Gawara Baya (Upper Burdekin Wind Farm)

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Section 0 | Executive SummarySection 1 | IntroductionSection 2 | Existing EnvironmentSection 3 | Potential Impacts & Mitigation MeasuresSection 4 | Impact Assessment – Threatened & Migratory SpeciesSection 5 | Impact Assessment – World & National Heritage ValuesSection 6 | Cumulative ImpactsSection 7 | ConclusionAppendix A – Environmental Management Plan (Pages 1-128)Appendix A – Environmental Management Plan (Pages 129-173)Appendix A – Environmental Management Plan (Pages 174-200)Appendix B – Bird & Bat Management PlanAppendix C – Consultation & Engagement ReportAppendix D – Socio-Economic Impact AnalysisAppendix E – Ecology Report 2020 (Pages 1-283)Appendix E – Ecology Report 2020 (Pages 284-495)Appendix F – Ecology Report 2022 (Pages 1-120)Appendix F – Ecology Report 2022 (Pages 121-258)Appendix G – Bird & Bat Survey ReportsAppendix H1 – Landscape & Visual Impact AssessmentAppendix H2 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Plans | GIS Figures 1-6Appendix H3 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Plans | GIS Figures 7-12Appendix H4 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Plans | Viewpoints & Visualisations 13-19Appendix H5 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Plans | Viewpoints & Visualisations 20-26Appendix I – Magnificent Brood Frog Additional InformationAppendix J – Offset Management StrategyAppendix L – Public Environment Report Guideline ChecklistAppendix M – Extract from Register of Indigenous Land Use AgreementAppendix N – Gugu Badhun Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Letter of SupportAppendix O – Offsets Suitability Assessment ReportAppendix P – Detailed Development Layout PlanAppendix Q – Public Submissions Response