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Map showing location of Upper Burdekin Wind Farm in relation to Ingham and Townsville.

Windlab is responsibly delivering Gawara Baya in a way that directly addresses potential impacts, targets improved outcomes for regional ecology, and incorporates community and stakeholder feedback gathered over three years' of detailed consultation.

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Artist's impression of Upper Burdekin Wind Farm

The project

Energy that doesn't cost the Earth.

Gawara Baya is a renewable energy project with the capacity to provide clean power to up to 240,000 Australian homes, eliminating 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from Australia’s energy market every year.

The project is located on an active cattle property within Gugu Badhun Country in North Queensland, in close proximity to the existing electricity transmission network.

Gawara Baya is an essential early-transition opportunity for new, large scale clean energy generation that can be responsibly developed, grid connected via existing transmission infrastructure and producing power within the next four years.

Gawara Baya is a key project driving progress against time-critical decarbonisation, as well as supporting the solution for the critical shortage of renewable energy supply expected by 2025.

The location

Pastoral land on Gugu Badhun Country, about 65km south-west of Ingham, Queensland.

The project site is home to a suitable wind resource, and is currently an operational cattle grazing property located near existing transmission infrastructure.

In 2022, we signed a landmark Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with Traditional Owners, the Gugu Badhun, putting Indigenous stewardship at the front of the project’s land management approach.

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The community

Local collaboration to build a lasting positive legacy.

Our host community are long-term stakeholders in our projects.

We are committed to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in the region by working closely with Traditional Owners, providing employment and procurement opportunities and supporting community development initiatives that matter to locals.

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Responsible development

Leading-practice driven by local knowledge and expert advice.

We recognise any new development can have an impact, and the upmost commitment and care must be taken to protect environmental and community values.

Over more than two years, we have collaborated with Traditional Owners, landowners, community members, regulatory authorities and conservation experts to deliver a responsible project that supports Windlab’s ambition to deliver net positive environmental outcomes backed by science, and meaningful, equitable benefits that meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

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Local landscape in Upper Burdekin area.


An Australian company supporting the nation's clean energy transition.

For 20 years, we have engaged locals in our projects, respected the needs and wishes of communities and taken pride in driving positive socio-economic outcomes for local people in regional Australia.

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