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Unlocking regional benefits

As a fully integrated renewable energy company, Windlab manages the construction and operation of our own projects which gives us flexibility in how we contract works.

For the past three years, we’ve been working with local people, councils, chambers of commerce and businesses across the Charters Towers, Hinchinbrook and Townsville regions to understand local skills and capacity, and how to best package procurement to ensure locals can meaningfully participate in the project.

Local impact

Gawara Baya will create up to 300 jobs during peak construction and inject up to $200 million into the regional economy through employment, local supply and contracting opportunities.

We have local employment and content requirements in all our contracts, and ‘local’ is clearly defined to ensure employment, supply and sub-contracting outcomes are delivered in line with intent and expectations.

Our landmark Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Gugu Badhun People also supports employment, contracting, apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for the project’s Traditional Owners and regional First Nations Peoples.

How to get involved

ICN Gateway is the sole procurement platform for Gawara Baya and is the best source for up-to-date project supply and procurement information.

Visit the Gawara Baya ICN Gateway portal to learn more about active work packages and register an Expression of Interest

Interested in becoming a Gawara Baya supplier or contractor?

Visit the ICN Gateway

Why partner with Windlab?

We are the Renewable Generation

Windlab is the 100% Australian owned renewable energy company going big on renewables. Over the next ten years, Windlab will invest more than $10 billion to deliver our 20GW+ portfolio of clean energy developments.

Gawara Baya is an early transition opportunity that will be responsibly developed, delivered and producing power by 2027. It offers an excellent, early-movement opportunity for suitably qualified local and regional people and businesses to be part of Australia’s clean energy transition, right from the start.

We know local

Our Gawara Baya team includes born-and-bred north Queenslanders with a wealth of experience in the region.

We’ve learned never to ask whether Cairns or Townsville is the true capital of the north, if the fishing’s better at Lucinda or Normanton, or if you can get a better cup of coffee in the Isa or the Towers, but we do know how vital regional development and opportunity is to the people who live and work here.

We’re delivering sustainable local content opportunities through adaptive procurement packaging aligned with regional capacity. That’s our commitment to delivering a lasting positive project legacy.

Excellence, experience, and unmatched expertise

For more than 20 years, we have used our own home-grown technology and globally recognised expertise to find, construct and operate the best performing renewable energy projects in the world.

Windlab is the most experienced renewable energy company in the Australian context, having played a foundational role in establishing Australia’s wind energy industry.

Our sole focus on renewables, combined with the rich and diverse experience of our team offers unparalleled construction experience and the nuanced insight that only a dedicated, fully integrated renewable energy company can offer.

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