Gawara Baya

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Windlab is responsibly delivering Gawara Baya in a way that directly addresses potential impacts, targets improved outcomes for regional ecology, and incorporates community and stakeholder feedback gathered over three years' of detailed consultation.

This Fact Centre is a useful resource for scientifically verified information on the Gawara Baya project. We encourage those with an interest in the project to get in touch.

Why are you developing the project here?

When will construction start on Gawara Baya?

Where will the workforce for Gawara Baya come from?

How will you get the turbines to site?

Why are such big turbine blades being used in the project?

I have heard wind turbines are a cause of bird and bat deaths due to ‘turbine strike’. How will the risk be managed at Gawara Baya?

What is the regulatory review process for Gawara Baya?

Is Gawara Baya being funded or subsidised by the Government?

Does renewable energy increase electricity costs?

What is the value of Gawara Baya in terms of decarbonisation?

What is the carbon footprint of a wind turbine and how long does it take to offset this footprint?

What is the disturbance footprint of the project?

Why was the project’s layout reduced?

What are you doing to protect native species in the area?

How will Windlab protect valuable habitat for species?

Why are you using offsets on this project?

What is biodiversity net-gain?

What will happen once the Gawara Baya reaches the end of its operational life? Will the project be decommissioned, and will the Government/taxpayers have to fund this?

Is the project within the Wet Tropics?

Have the Traditional Owners been consulted and are they engaged in project development?

Has Windlab consulted with regional conservation groups about the project?

What community consultation is taking place for Gawara Baya?

What benefits will Gawara Baya deliver to the region?

What does the project mean for the residents of Mount Fox?

There are several other projects proposed for the area. How are the cumulative impacts of these projects being addressed by Gawara Baya?

Does Windlab have anything to do with the proposed Mount Fox Energy Park?

I've heard adding new renewable energy generation can make the transmission network less stable. Is this true?

How can I provide feedback to the Gawara Baya project team?

Why is North Queensland wind important?

Why wind?

Who is Windlab?

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