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Windlab is responsibly delivering Gawara Baya in a way that directly addresses the local scale impacts of the project and targets overall improved outcomes for regional ecology.

The Gawara Baya Fact Centre is a useful resource for scientifically verified information on the project. We welcome public discussion regarding Gawara Baya and encourage those with an interest in our projects to get in touch.

Following more than two years’ in-depth environmental studies and consultation, we have delivered a project design that preserves more than 98% of native vegetation on the cattle property where the project is located.

Once operational, the project will eliminate more than 1.2 million tonnes of carbon from Australia’s energy generation profile every year.

We recognise the value of the region’s ecology, as well as the importance of biodiversity in ensuring a healthy climate. We are targeting net positive biodiversity outcomes that respond specifically to the local scale impacts of the project. These include:

  • Maintaining species populations present in the project area.
  • Delivering leading-practice offsets in collaboration with regional conservation experts to improve the quantum and quality of habitat in the region.
  • Achieving a demonstrated reduction in weeds and predatory pests that post a threat to native species both in the project area and across offsets.
  • Implementing protective fire management programs in collaboration with Traditional Owners and environmental experts that deliver a regional ecological benefit.
  • Contributing to an increase in the ecological knowledge of key species to support broad preservation programs.

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